Tattoo Tears Lyrics

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Where Many Feared A Threats Is Where I Cross The Line
It Would Fascinate The Mind Survive Or Die
So If I See Tomorrow Ain't No Guarantee
Smile Now, Cry Later Homie Rest In Peace
Rest At Ease
I Ain't Gonna Let You Down
I'm A Grab The Biggest Fiero
And Put It Down
The Path That I Took Was Destiny By Choice
The Varrio Las Drogas
Initially My Source
Provided With Some Cletcha I Was Showed The Ropes
Feria Ain't No Joke When Vatos Moving Dope
Hard Times Robbed 'Em Blind
Getting Busy Over Turf Got Me Grasping For My Life
Unleashed Now They're Proud
Informants Get To Work
On Righteous Individuals Got Me Kicking Up Some Dirt
Then I Look Into The Mirror
And Not Know Who I Am
Like I Trust No B*t*h I Trust No Man

Look What The Streets Made Of Me
Someone That You Fear Won't Come Close To Me
Tattoo Tears
Scar Up My Face Cause What They Have Done
You Can't Erase

My Jefa Always Told Me That The Calles Would Control Me
Me Awito I Don't Listen
Then I Stroll With The Homies
I Got A Fatal Thrill As I Went In For The Kill
I Detonate Your Face Accommodate Your Fate
Cemetery Chains
Don't Collapse My Focus
It Really Doesn't Matter Who The F**k Provoke This
Turn The Page To Some Better Times
Hanging At The Parque And No One Died
I Know That You're Coming Plans Been Infiltrated
Artillery At Hand
So I Waited & I Waited
Issue Gang Related
The War Escalated
The Jura Wants To Ride
Wants To Pin A Homicide
Once I Was Told The Calles Ain't For Playing
Caught Up In The Wreck
You'll Be The First One They'll Be Spraying
Gotta Balance Out That's What An Ese Gotta Do
I Run With The Sur So My Paño Blue

En Los Ojos De Mi Jefa She Sees No Threat
In The Eye Of Conejo Ese All I See Is Death
My Intent Is To Patrol The Ache
And Catch Vatos Slippin'
Ese Thinking We Ain't Nada

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