Tappin’ Out (Cashin’ Out Freestyle) Lyrics

XV Lyrics

Just touched down so I'm riding around in my city
Riding with a ho that know me only as Vizzy
And if my watch do the talking it’s gonna say I’m busy
And if my money do the talking its gonna say f**k with me
Got 10 blunts in rotation man, I'm tappin' out
Got the game in a chokehold, they tappin' out
Got your girl in my bedroom, she tappin' out
I'm going in, they tappin' out

My ride is getting ready
My eyes is getting heavy
You looking at the time, like that's your 15 minutes already
So I come kill your beat when I put it to the sheet cut it up like Freddy
The flow is sounding deadly and the Squarians are ready
And this new sh*t sounds so crazy, so they just want a date
Well tell 'em we'll go steady
A couple weeks away
Forget but not forgetting, the hoes I used to hate
And I know I'm so Tom Petty, so watch these charts I break
F**k these n***as gotta say
Man I came up out this state
Where they said I wouldn't blow out, but somehow I found a way
Now I'm like Memorial Day, cause they only count on me
They tried to give me don'ts, I gave them dues and now I'm paid
If you gonna play you gotta win at it
Funny thing is I've been at it
Soon as I put my pen to it
I threw the whole state pen at it
Sez told me give em bars
Quotes like a biblical pa**age
Think I turn into a little monster, f**k that I been savage
What a week I'm having
Im'ma need some aspirin after all these drinks I been grabbing
I don't even know what happened
This girl look like Paula Patton
And them lights that flashing
I'm smoking all that dragon
And I'm floating like Aladdin
Colder than Alaskans
With that flow I'm rapping
Throw me in a package and I'm going All Madden
Fasten seat belts but we go up
Show out when I show up
What I'm gonna be when I grow up?
Blown up

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