Taped Off Roads Lyrics

2smokeyy Lyrics

I was fresh home, three days
Tell me who slapped it
Talk on my name, that's a whole lot of badness
Madness, so you know it's a mad ting
Don't be a victim of one of my shankings
Tape off strips, and I tape off landings
He try run, told broski „grab him“
Broski grabbed him, that's a new package
But, he survived, he's alive
Now we're back on a ride, tryna take a life
Stay saucy, from head to toe
And I bought sauce on, all my knives
Ask my man what happened to him
Had the shank broke, inside his ribs
And they know me, I ain't talkative
No dingers then, walking ting
Anyone slip, they're holding it
Beef like whole in my borough, nuh uh
Still no one can't chat for the kid
Sitting in jail, pray I don't get life
But how I just AM a whole next prick
Broski alert, my shooter, boot her for bro
I'll lock off the whole of the strip
Cah the same way it happened at station
Is the same way it happened on the lane
And the way sh*t happen round them sides
Sh*t, I don't know how he's not in the grave
For rims, I do it bait face
Skate out, can't catch me a case
But if I do, then I'll ride that, bang up
And its free me out of the cage
Free broski X, that's my bro from knee-high
I remember we used to share shoes
And I've been doing it for bro, from long time
Sh*t, that sh*t ain't nothing new
Told my b*t*h, „Check your att**ude“
I don't know who you're talking to
Last week I burnt like 3 of my jackets
If I be exact then its deffo 2

If I jump out the ride with a mask
I ain't playing no games, best run if you see me
GG look down, don't pree me
Don't tempt me, I'll put a n***a on the TV
Are you f**king dumb?, I'm riding
I ain't looking for love like Keke
Do the one step in the 5, my guy
Got the whole of their block moving chi chi
High grade, got my eyes bare droopy
On the block, bare bums and boobies
Got the drop that the opps they are riding
Aye bro bro, come jump in the hooptie
They panic, when they see man drill on them
2 man do it like Shaggy and Scooby
Blade in and out this coochie
Trynna leave flesh on my blade like sushi
Anywhere, goes, man I do that, bait
For more time when I rise up this gauge
If we ain't got no wap, then we ride them
Yeah, I don't mind, I'll tune with a blade
Push it all in, man I'll twist that, dig that
Love a knife in, cause it's way more pain
Don't try scream for civil's in chase, yo
H put them on a GoFundMe page
Woah, woah, woah switch that flow
Four-man-ride, creep up, let's go
Hold up, wait, lurk round estates
Rise that , c*ck it back and blow
Guns and knives courtesy of
Man do trap, but he's all on boats
Saw my face and he tried do leggy
Had no shank,

Free bro bro, Itch got life in the bin
Told me one day he'll be free
No mask, so shirt on my face
Now, I'm Unknown T
If you're from them sides and I don't know you still
Make an unknown bleed
Bloody scene, driver take this right, left
Getaway clean

This bad b wanna chill with the gang
Warning babe, I'm a violent man
Shells on shells, can you hold it for man
My lock come sav, so we're riding fam
Retaliation, like karma,
Ride on me, ride out, get done
Do that drill, tryna get man gone
If the guy don't die, then the car get spun

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