Syrup (Jorden Reads Remix)

Kasher Quon

Syrup (Jorden Reads Remix) By Kasher Quon

E-E-E-Enrgy made this one

Just shot at a black man and took his shoes
Customized my AR like in Black Ops II
Just scammed a white kid out of some Gorilla Glue
I don’t wanna f**k this b*t*h, she smell like poo-poo
Just shot at a black man, it was Chad Ochocinco
Finna go to the store to buy some Tampico
Just scammed a bum ass b*t*h who work at Home Depot
Just beat his ass up and punch him in the jaw bone
This b*t*h broke as hell, she can’t even buy a ice cream cone
Tried to scam this b*t*h online, but she only had insufficient funds
Scammed a white kid, he asked for a refund
This b*t*h irritate me, I’ma have to block her numbеr
My dumb ass got jumped, I was outnumbered
Scammеd Adam22 off No Jumper

Just stole some my grandma’s Percs and now she got mad
Killed a orphan’s parents and now he sad
Chillin’ at home listenin’ to IGOR
Got so high I saw a dinosaur

This b*t*h broke as hell, she can’t even buy a Krabby Patty
Just f**ked a b*t*h yesterday and bought her a Krabby Patty
Finna f**k this b*t*h and I’ll buy her Taco Bell
This dude, Mark, mad as hell, he got scammed through Zelle

We like a bootleg dynamic duo
Shoutout Teejay, Kasher Quon
If he pull out a gun, n***a, we gone
We don’t do crazy sh*t like shoot up schools
Like my homie, Adon
Beat up my homie ’cause he tried to kiss me
Slump AK, he look like a bootleg Bruce Lee
Beat up a kindergartner, that n***a was five years old
f**ked with a sick b*t*h, now I got a cold
Just kicked this dog ’cause she was tryna fight
Just caught a crackhead tryna steal my bike

Just beat his ass and knock him out with a paper towel
Scammed an NBA player named Josh Powell

I’m mad as hell, the weed man just shorted my weed
I was tryna get all buzzed, this n***a gave me seeds
I just scammed a basketball player named Abdul Kareem
Popped a n***a outside the Walmart and fleed the scene
I’m finna do donuts in a Scat’, Krispy Kreme
I just scammed a n***a who sell donuts at Krispy Kreme
I’m finna respond to this b*t*h DM, she wanna have sex with me
I just bought a Louis fanny pack as an accessory
We ’bout to go and f**k this b*t*h together, her name Destiny
I’m finna go and kill one of my opps and catch a felony
And I scammed a Spanish ass n***a, he was Mexican
I’m finna go to jail, I just ran over a pedestrian
Robbed my little cousin ’cause I found out he bisexual
And I sold a twelve year old kid a weed edible
I just slapped the f**k out of a n***a with freckles
I just f**ked a b*t*h, then I bought her a pickle
I just f**ked a b*t*h and I paid her with nickels
She kept sucking my d**k after I came and it tickled
I just f**ked an ugly ass b*t*h named Aquaneta
Just saw one of my opps in a 2003 Jetta
I just beat the f**k out of a n***a and he had eczema
I just caught a n***a re-rocking his old prom sneakers
I just caught a n***a with some old beat Balenciaga Arenas
They wouldn’t let me perform my song, so I shot up the are-

I just scammed a fat n***a, he looked like Mark Henry
And I just shot a n***a in the stomach ’cause he’s in my kitchen goin’ through my pantry
I just f**ked a fat b*t*h, I think her name is Jackie
I just scammed a whole village, where the f**k they water went?
I just shot at police and then I pleaded innocent
Shot a n***a in his hoodie, they call me George Zimmerman
I just smacked the f**k out of a fat n***a and took his Star Crunch
I just scammed a lunch lady, now I’m gettin’ free lunch
Broke ass n***a can’t even afford free lunch
I just caught my big brother beatin’ his d**k to some hentai
Broke ass n***a can’t even afford hentai
I just shot an Iranian, I ain’t even say goodbye
Smacked the f**k out my momma ’cause she ain’t get me no vbucks
And I just smacked my retarded cousin with a slice of f**kin’ pizza
I went to Africa and I found Bol Bol’s cousin
I just met a bad b*t*h, she sucked me until I nutted
b*t*h, I don’t want you, I want your sister and your cousin
Not your ugly ass cousin, your cousin with a f**kin’ husband
I just beat a fat n***a’s ass and I took his f**kin’ Sprite
And I got a Chinese plug, he was eatin’ steak and rice

What? Ayy
Lil Garbage Truck, yeah
I’m getting tired of this water gun I’m gonna use my p*n*s
I just scammed The Solar System for a planet I think it was Venus
n***as f**ked up in the crib tryna suck my weenus
I’m finna make that b*t*h sell and come and suck my p*n*s
I just smacked a fat n***a with a debi cake
I just scammed WaffleHouse for the Pancakes
This b*t*h so nasty she eatin Rawls bake
n***as f**ked up in the crib wearin’ Rawls bake
I just beat a n***a’s ass with some Ramen Noodles
I just went to jail for one night and turn into a Ramen Noodle
I just pulled up on Eli and my gun went, “Cling, cling, clow”
n***a, Eli stopped babying, I heard screaming, “Ding, ding, now faggot”

n***a broke as hell he got a 10 dollar bill
Got that n***a addy now he telling me to chill
Takin’ too much Percs I think I’m getting dumber
Jumped your little kid it was little boy drummer
I’m the best at scamming bro I just scammed Jesus Christ
Got robbed by a Mexican named Jesus Christ
Whipped out my d**k and yo b*t*h said, “Jesus Christ”
Checked my bank account and I said “Jesus Christ”
Off a autopsy I just killed 2 f**king tractors
f**k math class I don’t even know my back is
She wearin’ Victoria Secret sad said, she even knows she stink
Slump AK just shot me ‘cause I called him a chink

I just smacked that n***a Slump AK with a Chum Burger
n***as f**ked up in the crib eating… Chum Burger
I just raided Mark’s class now he’s finna get expelled
I just scammed my school ‘cause they wouldn’t let me fail

I just scammed Roblox for a new opp pack
n***a so broke he can’t even afford an opp pack
This hoe so wet I’m like, “Give me that mop back!”
This n***a thought it was 2013 he still got a SnapBack
I just scammed the military for a new Scar
I’m like, *eating noises*, caught in ASMR
Then I went, “Rada, Rada, Rada”
Know this n***a skinny as hell I stabbed him with a Spork
I just cheated on my girl she called me a bad sport
This b*t*h so nasty she got Genital Warts
She put a Perc in my drink I call her Bill Christ
This n***a raping little girls I call him Bill Christ
Somebody took this n***a to Latino Manhood
How you always fit one girl in the Backwood
But it’s Poodle Dior, n***a, don’t forget the name
I just scammed Rosa Parks for the back of the train

Just killed one of my opps in the back of a train
Shot 22 shots at his brain
Just scammed my lil cousin out of a fake tain
60 4 3 shots smoking booty hole stink
This dude’s barber shop beat with my Ramen Noodle
Then I went to jail and turned into a Ramen Noodle
The dude is f**ked up in the crib Mike with the Ramen Noodles
Believe this b*t*h just said my d**k as big as a Po doodle
I got a AK-47 I pull up on the US Military
I’m finna shoot up the whole US Military
I just smelt like 10 blunts to pass the time
Shot him in the back and cracked his spine
60, 4, 3 runtz smokin’ Rada, rada, rada
Called up a plung ‘bout some booty hole runtz
60 4 3 runtz smokin’ on

I just slapped the f**k out this kid his name was Mathew
I don’t wanna f**k this b*t*h, this b*t*h is great value
Then imma beat this n***a with a sledgehammer in the bathroom
Then post it on the gram for everyone to see imma tag you
I heard you f**ked up at the crib eatin’ Cashew
Imma smoke you up like Resin then turn turn you to a statue
Imma throw you off a bridge and kick you with my Black
I heard you be pillow talkin’ to the hoes you attached to
Broke ass n***a don’t even got the twenty dollar bill
This n***a’s f**ked up get
tin’ his clothes from the Goodwill
This n***a f**ked up think it’s 2015 tryin’ Netflix and Chill
This n***a’s f**ked up in the head I think he’s mentally ill
f**k with Lil Oil Leakage then it’s gon’ be a disaster
n***as stay talkin’ bout me like they the newscaster
n***as never wanna be seen like they name is Casper
I’m finna kidnap this n***a and take him to Madagascar

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