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?idealism Lyrics

But can you really trust me?
Huh, God you're f**king pathetic
Even if you are dead
With human refuse like you
It wouldn’t make any difference at all in the real world
So there's no point in moaning and whining about who lives or who dies
It just doesn't matter

The truth is we’re nothing but rivals
All of us competing for survival
Did you hear that "Mr. Lets All Make It Back"?
It's just bullsh*t!
And you're still nothing but a hypocrite
Last time you headb***ed an akuza
And nearly choked him to death, didn't you?
Why would someone who wants all of us to "make it back"
Do something like that?

Who arе you kidding?
They call those violent impulsеs, you know
Can't you use that thick head of yours for thinking
Or would you rather just hit people with it?

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