Super Nova Scotian Lyrics

Quake Matthews Lyrics

"What's the one big difference you notice this about this team compared to last years?"
Um, I think that we’ve always been deep
But I think this year our depth is, uh, you know it's pretty apparent
And we're getting a lot of contributions from everyone so
It’s a big part of winning, so we gotta keep doing that

Am I loud enough?
'Bout to blow up
Am I loud enough?
Yup, come on
I'm not a super nova I'm a super Nova Scotian

Casa Nova Scotia
P-A to the mother f**kin' T Stay
God damnit, I'll roast ya
I smoke ya, get to flippin' like an older Motorola phone
I'll blow your f**kin’ dome up, b*t*h
Say something, what?
Man, check it
I put us on the map, ’cause I'm a legend
Get it?
Huh, East coast sh*t
Cla**, know I got no filters
Should’ve stuck me on the end of this joint like a roach clip
Uh, you could tell that the slang 'Scotian
In Newfoundland they call you bi like Frank Ocean
Beethoven I roll deep with my f**kin' dogs
Scratching at my balls with my mother f**kin' paws

Gotta have it, I been at this like an addict on dope
Can’t imagine what would happen if I hadn't have blown
I'm a super Nova Scotian, producer and a poet
Computer and a notepad, using what I don't have
Uh, don't be jealous now, you sounding pathetic
Like disrespecting a veteran on November 11th
We ain't having it, savages, up to our shenanigans
Taking out the target, ain't no collateral damages
I think by now if you don't like me then you never will
Sleeping through this fire like it's Benadryl
Super heroes, a super group of weirdos
Here to neuter evil-doers and bring music to your ear holes

Am I loud enough?
Super Nova
Super Nova Scotian
Am I loud enough?
Super Nova
Super Nova Scotian

Moonlight hits, darkness floods the streets
Enemies rise up from underneath
Yeah, it's gonna be a long night here homie
Before the sun set, you might disappear homie
Hit you hard like a wrecking ball
No don't, hit you hard like Fentanyl
Oh, blue and white when the lights keep flashing
Hear the sound when the sirens blasting

Not a super nova I'm a super Nova Scotian
Shameless, the way I'm so frank with this self-promotion
Coasting, down a script like I'm motor-boating
Flowing, wavy like the hair on Michael Bolton
Poking, from out the surface like a dolphin fin
Finishing any compet**ion that's opposing him
You think you got what it takes to make it, Quake?
Does the smoke blow south on a f**kin' northbound locomotive
And would I bang Meghan Trainor 'til the sofa is broken?
Sh*t, I'm all about that ba** like Bootsy Collins
Ah, tall ships, I'm just show boating
They all flipping over the bars, like I'm pole vaulting

Listen, I do what I do right on the spot
You want a verse, I do what I do: write on the spot
This right off the top, you see the lean in the walk
I been putting in work, I been around like the block
Serving it hot, get it right out the pot
And you can get it if you hungry if you've eaten or not
This food for thought, get your spoon and your fork
If you eating, with a super Nova Scotian, of course
East coast, home where we hustle for sport
Where we, taken away 'cause we ain't takin' a loss
I know you hustle, but yo Knuckle, do you gut it like that?
Man, sh*t, do a dog still f**k from the back?

Am I loud enough?
Super Nova
Super Nova Scotian
Am I loud enough?
Super Nova
Super Nova Scotian

Aw yeah, it's Bubbles here
Sunnyvale Trailer Park, hard as f**k
Uh, they gave me twelve bars
But I can't f**kin' rap so I'm just gonna talk
Don't give a f**k, uh
Quake Matthews, Cla**ified
Knuckles, Pat Stay
Scratch Bastid and JRDN
F**kin' holdin' it down baby

I'm a super Nova Scotian

Super Nova Scotian

This f**ker doesn't end baby

Hahahaha, rapping

That's how you do it, apparently

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