Summertime win Lyrics

Quake Matthews Lyrics

I feel a cool brease from the sumertime wind
Bottles on deck its a sumertime thing
Cause i ain't really one for keg stands
I'd rather sprinkle a lil something in the gin
Wait 30 minuntes let it take me to graceland
Scouping out prospects under the raybans
But shes gotta be natural
Cause i ain't really getting a fake woman with spray tans
Whoa im tripping under low
Shades on my eyes so these woman never know
I'm trying to leave with you shawty
So like E40 just tell me when to go
No so she laugh it off
But that lil two peice is bound to fall
Few drinks she'll be back for more
Till then ill be posted up like powersoft for the sumertime win

Ohhh we got it all night. we can take it slow
If you never take a chance youll never know
If your ready we can go. whoahoho for the sumertime win

Were the shots baby line em up
And get the grill fired up
We keep steak from the finest cuts
I can't eat tho im high as f**k
It's all good time flys by
But it feels like time stood
Still not reliving days of my childhood so
Back it up like a tonka truck
Honey with the big b*** got me lost in lust
I use to mess with her till i lost the trust
Then the waves crashed down
Now the washing up but
Still lots of drinks been spilled
So we still got time to make things real
Maybe im just a fool letting liquor dictate how i feel
Just then she look back with a grin
So i moved in for the summertime win


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