Suicide Walk Lyrics

8corpses Lyrics

This my suicide walk
Hopscotch on a chomos homicide chalk
Walking the plank
Goin ape
Like the world a f**king zoo
Black heart troop
Brain feels like an aggregate of cob webs and mildew
B*t*h I ain’t breaking through
Used to inject smack off a spoon
Like a f**king harpoon
Soon to be Mummified
Pineal Gland calcified
Gotta take melatonin repeatedly
Tryna go extinct
In a state of gloom
Tryna die out like a saber tooth
Headed for the fences like I’m babe ruth
Hit the f**king booth
I’m a wear wolf
It’s a full moon
This my suicide walk
Got the strut
Like I’m heading towards the gallows
I don’t give a f**k
This my suicide walk
I don’t like to talk
Skip to the good bit
Slit my f**king wrists
And end the bullsh*t
Adrenaline kicking in
Like a mosh pit
Drugs are the only reason I can function
This my suicide walk
Like I’m walking through death row
Just inject me with the motherf**king fentanyl
This my suicide walk
Aye aye
This my suicide walk

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