Submission (Piece by Piece) Lyrics

Quintihilator Lyrics

Produced by: Purpose Beats

I’m a pa**ivist
With a ma**ive a chance to miss
Every single glimpse of simpleness
Execution will matter when you have nothing but a full bladder
Of cancer that will ravage your organs
And of course, the pain will endorse
The force of a hundred thousand horses
Kicking at you with no remorse
What am I really saying?
To the ma**es
Talking slower than mola**es
Feeling dryer than ashes
Then suddenly splashes and gashes
Your thoughts with a past that would feel so dark
You will mark and embark
The journеy like a shark
And spark the heart of a raving lunatic
Fuеled up on eggs and turmeric
And make me feel so exuberant
And humorist thoughts now feel just so humorless
My ambition and tradition tend to blind my final mission
Opposition by subconscious you have never heard such nonsense
I will never run away, this will finally be my day
Where I either die or rip you apart
Into a thousand pieces
You never release a beast

From it’s cage
When it’s fueled with rage
And ready to bite and turn the page
Giving you every disease
You believe that will make you feel weak
Diminishing immunity
Demolishing your purity
Create an opportunity
That will over drive your promiscuity
To a place of ingenuity
Now what the f**k do I do with me?
Do I make things right?
Do I start to fight?
Do I go all out with all of my might
Cause a fright in the night that will feel so bright
You will be enticed by every single second
You will never learn your lesson
You just cause your own depression and aggression
You are past your comprehension
To a point of self-deception
And rejection from the ma** reception
They think you’re a monster
Who is just trying to conquer
The thoughts that I live with every other day
That just makes me feel insane
In my shrouded brain, can I finally end this pain
No I’m sorry not today, cause you are not the same
Person that you were yesterday
It constantly changes feeling dark and strange
Never had a range, never even had a baseline
It’s just a constant storm of chaos
Like you were living in a séance
Surrounded by spikes with nothing to lay on
Nothing to write with, not even crayons
That is how my mind works
It will swell right up, then finally burst like the worst type of curse
First you stop and you will feel the thirst
When you are submersed
Like you were diverse
And now it’s time you will go bezerk
Then will lurk around every single person you hurt
Like a clerk in a store that who is there to divert
You will feel so irked, while you stumble and blurt
Your last response from my non-chalance
That has ripped and spurt a little bit of blood through your shirt
Now you are alert that you are inert
Not able to move unable to prove
What I’ve done will remove
The last bit of chance
That you might of had from surviving this dance
Of death when your lungs depress
And you feel the last draw of breath
Then you clench and you wench
As you die on that parking bench

Now you will understand
How to dance with the devil
You will never ever revel
With the darkness, embarking
On a heartless journey not leaving my marking
I am made electric, I am sparking
With a power that will turn you to a coward
In your final f**king hour you will start to be devoured
During your last sour moment of existence
In addition to bliss for a single moment
Right before you die without atonement
The component of condolence
Requires no emotion
To defeat all your opponents
But the motion gives a notion
That I’m giving a promotion
When in all reality, you are living through a fallacy
And falling off a balcony
For every one to see , that what happens
After you try to f**k with me or my family
You just made yourself a casualty
While I take away your fantasy
That gravity, depravity, and falling rapidly
Do not exist and you will survive this practically
And get your revenge with a strategy
But it’s all too late

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