Streetlight* Lyrics

Quelly Woo Lyrics


Gllah, gllah-gllah-gllah

Mama told me, "Bein' by the street light"
I cannot sleep till I get my breesh right
'Member days I ain't had no breesh, like
N***as be rat, they be eatin’ cheese, like
Outside duckin' from the Ds, like
Shorty a leg, she gon' meet the D right
Outside duckin' from the Ds, like
I'm in the hood, she ask what it be like
Shake it , baby
I pour a four, it got me feelin'
Wavy , got me feelin' wavy, wavy
Please don't , please don’t play me
I do a drill in Mercedes
Mama couldn't afford a car
So she named her daughter Mercedes

Up that chop', huh

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