Street Pharmacists Lyrics

9th Prince Lyrics

You guys better be careful
If I ever see you here again
You're all gonna die just like that!
There's only evil in here!

Gucci Don, Tommy Whispers
Trife Diesel
T.M.F., Theodore Unit
9th Prince, Killarm'
My n***a 'Dox

Aiyo my comrades and thugs in Gangsta Paradise
Terrence two times'll slice ya throat twice
The one man army, rhyme with harmony
Love, peace and happiness, still blast the nastiest
Verbal conversation, deep meditation
On this plantation, hood life, same situation
N***as be holdin' guns, plottin' a**a**inations
Mind radiation, we all on vacations
Stand strong like United Nations
Prince of El Dorado, blow like New York City lotto
Bulletproof bravado
Shaheed and the fist, I was protected by the laser disc
We drink Valentine's while y'all sip on Cris'
Who you tryin' to impress? Madman's the best
Get it in ya head or carve it in ya chest

I saw you do that and I'ma f**kin' kill you!

Yo I stay movin' with brutes who got screws loose
Your crew's full of fruits, you's probably used duesh
I leave you abused, bruised with a loose tooth
I move smooth, never leave clues for blue suits
You're a pedophile, dukes, that's truth, I have proof
I saw y'all long blues clues with new youth
Who's you? You must be suited in booze, who's who?
Ya battle who? I only lose if I choose to
My crew's rude, we'll run through with zoo zoots
Bash phonebooths, shoot duece through loose suits
My att**ude's crude, I do have prove you
I could care less about ya cryin' and boo-hoos
You, roll with troups who wear too-toos
You don't rhyme in ciphers you rhyme in fruit loops
My sharp tools cut through ya FUBU boots
And leave ya foot chopped like just like that roof, duke

Ah man you gots to be smokin', you know I keeps the crowd open
I don't know why you suitin' yaself up like Hulk Hogan
Ya hear me clearly, nearly the best to touch the mic
Freestyle and get ya hype, perform or even write
It's like math dukes, verse two, chapter eleven
Make AK-47's, spittin', hittin' the reverand {*gunfire*}
Now everybody in the charge get up, and start jettin'
Insightin' riots, this verse is a deadly weapon
I've been held behind bars too long
That's why every time I rhyme n***as be like "Yo, ya bars are too long"
I'm tellin' you Don, you don't want none of this harm
Robbery philiosophy, Shaolin monstrosity
Polly with common thieves, balance the blunt with embalmin' and hydro leaves
Ay dios mies, papi got flows like runny noses
All my foes know this, I'm so ferocious
Ya whole style is so atrocious
Tommy be overdosin', blink, ya link on
You probably won't even know where ya gold is
Stapleton's the coldest
F**k the 'partment of corrections
We New York's boldest
Tell President Bush "Suck my d**k, n***a hold this"

N***a is you afraid to live and you scared to die?
Afraid to spread ya wings and you scared to fly
I for T.M.F., I'm prepared to lie
Take a bullet, get sentenced to death, sit in the chair and fry
We hold steel, leave you dead in the streets like road kill
Stretched out near the railroad tracks in Toad Hill
Haywire, my mouth is a torch, I spray fire
Shoot up ya video and direct it like Dave Myers
A n***a like me, son, I can't be broke
I'm like weed without a Dutch cuz I can't be smoked
The street pharmacist, peal n***as like oranges
Rip ya cartilage, excess guns with extra cartridges
(Tommy: Trife is a threat to all you upcomin' artist-es
Young and marvelous, plus handsome like my father is
Invade ya state, mad stuck with the gate of Ace
Shut down ya operation and steal ya database
This rhymes, they not just lines from the PaperMate
This is real life, actual sh*t that be takin' place
Yo par you better play it safe, Walkin' Through the Darkness
Cuz you'll be layin' in the ocean, standin' like a starfish

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