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2001 Lyrics

No there's no guarantee
Shouldn't trust too often

No there's no guarantee
Shouldn't trust too often
Keep everything hidden
Now we'll never talk
And we'll go down different roads
Turn on different avenues
Rear view mirror
Filled with everything forgotten
You know I forget everything
I always forgot everything
For the best anyway
Nothing worth of remembrance
Worst things always come to the surface
So why think, so why think
You can judge me there from a distance
Know that I'm already as worse as they get
Don't help me, you can't save me

Stay there and watch me
Self destructing, safe place
Locked way away
From keeping that distance
Keep running and running around
Keep running those circles again

I've been feeling so numb and so stupid and useless
You know this I've f**ked up and lost all hope
But I hope you won't
Falling so fast now
I'm all in the back now
Tell me how that sounds
Tell me to back down
I'm lower than dirt now
Oh baby, I'm hell bound
So tell me that sound
'Cause I just want you around

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