Stiletto Heels Lyrics

Queensberry Lyrics

Do you think
You know me well?
Well; you don´t;
You just can´t tell
The girl you see
You´d be surprised...
She´s only half the story
Take a closer look, there´s more to me than meets the eye

Underneath the party dress
Is a strength you´ve never guessed
Wonder will you realize...


What I am
Is I´m a fighter
A battle cry inside ´er
In these stiletto heels
And what I am
Each day is burning brighter
I´m powerful
That´s how it feels
In these stiletto heels
Ev´ry day
I´m sure I grow
But it´s like
It doens´t show
The girl you see
The one you want...
All she is, is pretty
You don´t have a clue how hard I´ve worked, or how far I´ve come

Underneath the lipstick kiss
Is a pride you´ve always missed
Wonder when you´ll realize...


Don´t call me beautiful
When I´m incredible
Give me my due
And I´ll give to you
Something deeper than this skin

Treat me the way I deserve
Get past all the hair and curves
And I´ll introduce
Someone new to you --
You will fin´ly be with me! Ooooh!

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