Stay in Lane Lyrics

96ix Lyrics

Aye, wakin’ up
Alright let’s do it like that

Wakin‘ up everyday like it‘s the thing on your mind
Let me define
Never get up and do sh*t for a sucker
If anyone tell you than somebody lies
Do it right, too many lies
Take a look up to the sky
If anyone tell you that we are the only one livin‘ out there then there‘s somebody lyin‘
Too many
Too many people think I do this sh*t for the paper
I call em hater
I do this sh*t for the fam, for the gang
If you think I won‘t get it you‘re just like my neighbor
I see y‘all later, well I need a, I need a paper
Ain‘t no damn money, you b*t*hes so funny
I just roll a J, gotta smoke everyday
Gotta be late, what did they say?
I‘m too high but I‘m still okay
Gang too fly now I‘m on my lane
I‘m on my ride when I play this game
Cause I‘m still high it‘s so in-, it’s so insane, yeah
Tf they sayin?
Stop y‘all playin‘, mf your fame
I‘m way too broke but I can‘t complain
I don‘t feel no pain, I just got hope
And the hot dope
Smoke four in a row like in '04
Closed door cause I gotta keep it low hoe
Low-, low-key but mfs know me
Big hate and they really do show me
While I smoke tree they see me feel so free
Imma get bad when they front me
I don‘t even know what they want from me
Why they hate on me, why they play with me
Why they say "When it‘s gettin‘ late you ain‘t be okay everyday"
Imma turn it, Imma turn it up one time cause I don‘t care
Damn, sh*t it‘s not fair
I might get hot there, like I hit that snare
What about that snare? What about that snare?
I might get ... way too busy with the business, I‘m a genius
I don‘t f**k with you if you ain‘t never been here just to see us
I‘m a real one, tell me how you feel son
I might go and kill one, yeah I might go
Yeah I might go, yeah I might go, yeah
I might get it like I never had it
When it‘s all about the ending, I‘ll be heading to the heaven
I just need those seven for a mixtape
Tell me which mf can relate, that‘s a due date
When I drop one track on a Sunday
Tell em I‘ll be back 'fore it‘s Monday
That‘s, that’s my play, on my way
Like high way, it ain‘t safe
It ain‘t safe
It‘s a game that they playin‘
I‘m just sayin‘, stay in lane
Never change on your way, on your way

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