Spazz Out Lyrics

22Gz, PNV Jay, & Leeky Bandz Lyrics

Front, I'ma spazz out
Bro keep the Gucci up on him, my demon, no Marcus, I want it, I cash out
My n***as spin every morning, get killed on your morning, same time as the cash out
Empty the clip and we off it, you drippin', you saucin', let's see what your stash 'bout
Ridin' 'round drinkin' Bacardi, we lit in the party, he front, I'ma back out
Pull up with four, spot him, we drenchin', a beam with a forty
I'm in the Foreman, b*t*h I been ballin'
I'm tryna leave that boy brains' on the floor
Spinnin' in fours, we tryna score
We ain't the same, can't relate to these boys
I got the sauce, we got the sauce
B*t*h I been drippin', who cares what it cost?
The good die young, I died already
Slide already, hollow tips, we shootin', poppin' Nelly
Droppin' steady, they droppin' steady, they droppin' steady
Don't try to spin and get the driver wet up
I got my name off of spinnin', I feel a way then we drillin'
I'm runnin' straight to this chicken, but I gotta stay with a blicky
Slit that boy throat if he snitchin', n***as want smoke, I'ma bring it
Get up close range and you finished, my n***as stay with a glizzy
Pull up, lettin' off that blicky
You chillin' with him, hella shots, be dead with him
Free my brothers, f**k the system
They know how we livin', we catch him, his head missin'
Dice game, we head crackin', run up on him, head tap him
We be cakin', they cappin', missin' cake, boy they lackin'

N***as ain't f**k with me, and the PNV Blickys they run the city
Me and 22, we workin', they know what's up
PNV to the Blicky, they know what's us
Gotta keep me a chopper, ain't playin' no games
If we get caught up, ain't sayin' no names
Came from nothin', my n***as gon' shine
N***as be hatin', that sh*t out of line
We gon' hop out with them chops out
Try to run up, my n***as gon' lay him down
They was hatin' like boy what you sayin' now?
Them PNV n***as don't play around
Dressed up in designer, we iced out
My n***as gon' shine when the lights out
Gotta keep me a stick n***a
N***as be hatin', I'm tryna get rich n***a
Run up, meet the clip n***a
Diamonds dancin' while I'm f**kin' your b*t*h n***a
And you know that we gettin' this gwala
I remember when I ain't have a dollar
My n***as gon' run up the bankroll
Shooters pull up and we leavin' 'em case closed
And you know that we gettin' this gwala
I remember when I ain't have a dollar, gang gang gang

There's beef with the opps so that stick on me
I went to school with the boy, now he history
I know them n***as still plottin' to get to me
Shoot and they miss, they ain't hittin' me
B*t*h I'm a god, ain't no killin' me
I swear to God we gon' make it like history
Couldn't go home 'til the pack off
Kick doors, had to go in, no mask off
N***as talk hard but they mad soft
Kick doors, had to go in, no mask off
Bro said kill and I kill 'em
First I couldn't feel, now I'm feelin' it
Catch an opp, it ain't over, we finish him
If the plug got pounds, deliver it
Rob the plug, we don't go through no middleman
I'm a G, I ain't talkin' 'bout Zimmerman
NyQuil turned into codeine, I'm just tryna get money, I'm sellin' it
N***as keep talkin' 'bout beef, who tryna get smoked right now, let's finish it
No one on ones from me, from now on swing one time, we hittin' sh*t
Love all my homies, can't cure all the pain, so you know the gang be feelin' it
All of my opps gon' die
Don't even know why a n***a just mentioned it
That money bring good lawyers
You know our gang, we be in the sentences
There's paper every time that they print the sh*t
And get rapping from me like a Christmas gift
Hit her once then forget the b*t*h
I finesse and go hard to go get this sh*t

Yeah, blicky da blicky da blicky da blicky da blicky
Blicky to the future n***a, PNV to the future n***a
You know how we rockin'
Yeah, know the vibes n***a
PNV sh*t man, the future, n***as know how the f**k we comin'
Gang gang gang, yeah

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