Soulfood Lyrics

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Uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh, yeah
Ayy, n***as forgot how to get some money and shut the f**k up
Yeah, uh, yeah, uh

I let the blood dry a lil' bit 
Then keep it pushin, been the coda since a little jit 
No patience in us gotta get it for the pigment
I've been surrounded by the bread winners gettin' chips
I pray I never see the bottom of the bank
Take my soul and line it up, we at the bottom of the ranks
I've got some problems, let me faint
N***as want a hunnid of me, try to give it, but I can't
Give twenty n***as five percent and hope they chillin'
And they straight
I shoot some texts and go to sleep

Uh, yeah, hehe, yeah
It's 8 P.M. but I don't give a f**k, I'm restin' deep
I'm fifteen, already feelin' like I play for keeps
If you don't get the needle movin', why the f**k I need to speak?
See it ain't even disrespect, just how I'm movin' now
Only in my psyche givin' doubt, then get to movin' out
Yeah, n***a, get to movin' out, n***a get movin' out

Look, I got a hunnid missed calls
Feelin' like sh*t when I'm in these walls
Fumble the currency, we gotta brawl
Fumble the currency, we gotta brawl
Stumblin' through my days 4L
If the love fake, then I can't really tell
Leaving my life, then I'm wishing you well
You leaving my life, then I'm wishin' you well
I can't hold grudges no mo'
'Cause that sh*t'll eat up a n***a to crumbs
Y'all n***as not thuggin' no mo'
But tell me what happened when leaving the slums
Y'all n***as is not God
Not tryna hear judgin' no more
Not tryna hear judgin' no more, yeah, ayy

Y'all n***as is not God, heh, yeah

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