Sn0wee Diss Lyrics

?itzaidyn Lyrics

You talk down on my friends and you’re weird
Get a life, touch some gra**, disappear
Talk trash on my songs when you’re just as bad
Im better than the career that you’ll never have
Shut up, and leave my friends alone
Your weird, I’ll put a bullet in your dome
Bro, you’re talking trash to Buggie
Mans ankles broken, he can’t hit the dougie
He’s even talking trash to Jace
He better shut up, before he gets slapped in the face
Beat ‘em up, give him a blackeye
He looks musty, he prolly has pink eye
I’ma end this for all, this is goodbye

Bro, you went to the oldest song on my SoundCloud
And called it bad, like it’s my oldest song
Of course it’s gonna be bad
Like I don’t get what you don’t understand
Like bro, you need mental help, Jesus Christ
I didn’t even mix it, that was Peso who mixed it
I don’t get what you mean, what has society come to bro

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