Slide Round Lyrics

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Ay, Yas
Come, we just slide 'round Kenny
Them boy ain't ready, steady
Beat off waps, man hold that steady
I'm tired of Kenny
They have man doin' the most
F**k it, let's slide 'round Tulse
Hit the back entrance
And stop man's post
What about RP?
Oh yeah, they're missin'
Them boy just dash like chickens
*** what happened when I caught him slippin'
You're having a laugh
I ain't tryna waste corn on them
Last time that I slid with my cheffs
They got man bagged so never again
Fling corn at you and you
So don't f**k with A Team
Jump out bait tryna swing this blade
Or I'll blast that gauge at your mateys

Man stepped with twins, that's twos
I done showed man A Team
I just robbed a n***a in O for soft
And now that's double the bakery
Double the bakery, make that bubble up
It was me and C in the trap with cats
Had 'em lined up outside, man run it up
I'm a flick knife specialist
Who's that yute? Flick that real quick
Mad done him up
I just bought this handy
I'll blast this gladly
Slap that quick then I'm runnin' off

Man mad that bubble up
I was in the bando scrapin' yola
Pa** me the soda, run it up
I hate when I G check a yute
And they shrug their shoulders
Flick it and done it up
You can try run but you ain't gettin' far
Man catch some speed and splash im up
A man got done by CG's best
Now the little opp thots don't f**k with us

I was on main road tryna bun him
Man can't tell me 'bout nuttin'
KT, I'm known for the shavin'
Do it like BT, whoosh, gut him
It was me main Brix with smoke
I dare man approach, I'll bun him
It was me black out, one man on the ped
Syikes done run up and cut him
It was me that made him slim
It was me that run down ***
It was me that shaved up him
Made popo inform his next of kin

I'm a real life savage
That's not one for debatin'
If the odds were against me I'd use my legs
But I came back 'round tryna blaze him
He got wet in his back, sad
We made him a hospital patient
And he got whacked for affiliation
Left hook, right hook when I faced him

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