Sixteen Freestyle Lyrics

Quadir Lateef Lyrics

He was a sixteen who could spit a sixteen
Who lived on Lenox Ave and One-Sixteen
Now 17 fights but he won 16
So that means his record was 16 and 1
Before 20 dropped, he was rollin' 16
Now 2 eight-balls he was holding sixteen
Ounces and a clip, your man had a sick scheme
Livin in the projects with p*ss in the vent
He tried to make one dollar out of sixteen cent
Sixteen days before he gotta pay rent
Now in 2 more days the sixteenth is comin' up
And the 1st and 16th is how these brothas make a buck
When there's 16 ounces in a brick and 16 hollows in the clip
And 16 fiends want a hit, if he can get sixteen and split
Then that mean at 16 he can drive his first six
He's a big time dude gotta smell his own sh*t
And he lease and pay rent he don't really own sh*t
Now 16 years he's been living in the projects
Rollin 16 your man has some gang knowledge
1619 slavery was established
10 out of 60 black men go to college
1 out of 16 black men know their fathers
Dude black out and spit six from the revolver
6-6-6 Damian death is the author
In my hood ain't no Sweet Sixteens
Just Swisha Sweets where they roll that green
If you owe that green, you might need to hold that thing
Cuz being broke is a dead man's dream
So what's the point of getting dough if you blow that cream?
He was robbin at fo-teen, killin at 15
30's the new 20, it make a n***a sixteen
Robbin' at 17, killin for some Seven Jeans
I can show you pictures of pain that you have never seen...
Now maybe I can be the next Barack
Or maybe if I slam dunk the rock
Then I ain't gotta cook up the rock
But first I gotta get past my block
Then I gotta get past the cops
I need sixteen bars to write
Cuz at 16, you lookin at bars for life

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