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Bitter young kid with a violent streak
I take from you, and you take from me
I was so lost
Oh it piled on me
The drugs were the cover but they never clean
Thought i was above
But im the streets
With desolate people
And desolate things
I've forgotten the purpose of me

And i don't really love myself anymore
Because i just poured me up a 4
In a Styrofoam cup
In my hand 4 blunts
I ain't been the same in months


I smoke too much
And i dont care enough
Im also lazy as f**k
But the music I love
N***a this my pa**ion
Its way more than just rapping
Its way more then just....

N***a ive been sleeping
Im too high to function
Walked in on me weeping
Oh im sorry its nothing

Dont worry im fine
And in my hand is 9
And in this 9 its a bullet
I put the sh*t to my mind but im to pu**y to pull it

{Verse3: Sungod}
When the world stabs you
And you crave to stab back
And the cycle never ends
Until the casket f**king cracks close
Oh earth will deal the last blow

So treat it with care
Love & respect
Lives on this dare
Our lives on this bet

I made people hurt
I made people bleed
Now im a child who's singing for peace
Here i will stay im singing for peace

Im singing for peace
But my homie holding the piece

Im singing for peace
But 3800 is my street
Neighborhood is filled up with pain
And its only peaceful when it rains

Why is it only peaceful when it rains?

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