?shut down Lyrics

Qoiet & AFK Lyrics

She bring out the worse in me
Disperse from me now purpose bleak. anima now hurting
God i crave her ill just break her
I can't have her pa** her save her
Destructive dont mean to be
Flee from the scene fix these things. relations never keep
God i crave her ill just break her
I can't have her pa** her save her

I dont care about sh*t then i care too much
Isolate from them then i give them love
I dont know what i am i dont know what i want
All i know is that you bad and no one beyond us
But dont invite me to your plans cus i ain't showing up
Imma relapse on your pu**y girl you more than just lust
I dont know why i spam and disappear for a month
All i know is i feel everything until i feel nothing
Why am i still numb. i ain't doing drugs
I ain't giving much. down is where i shut. i can't do the cut
Love you way too much. out is where we shut

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