Shocker! Lyrics


Oh my god is that XANAKIN? I love you!
Oh wow, uh thank you!

Supercalifragilistic b*t*h gon rub my tip and kiss it
That ol' miss got bags of tricks
No breakfast only mags ballistics
Bang it like fourth of July Semper Fi we let em die
Put my Nintendo stick go
Where her sh*t hole
Drift always that joy her pride
Boom Vickity Ick she gon spit spit
Rubbing that lamp the mist it gon hit lip
Yo b*t*h into the love and not a chick flick
Crash that whip it flip it do a kickflip
Yo chick got it cleaned that enema
Pa** it past the P.'s
And then I'm gonna fold it like some jeans
And then I'm gonna leave her with the bees
I'm really gonna F**k it I'm Duck Donald
My bill is all over blue yea
I bе up on f**king these b*t*hes
No kissing nеw year

But she told me
Waht she told me
She told me to whip my d**k
And blow back blow that her back
Oo blow back blow it back
Yea blow that her back
What blow it back blow back it
Yea blow it back go back
Oo back her back
Yea blowback go that
Oo her back her back
Yea blow that blow that

{Verse 2: Sxmpra, XANAKIN SKYWOK}
B*t*h I got some C. four
In my motherf**king backpack
Throw it up it's double X
I tell these b*t*hes stand back I don't give a f**k
Leave em legless like it's a bad batch
I don't f**k with people
Walk in public with a hazmat bands up in a bag
B*t*h my wallet heavy my pants be sagging
Pussies keep on rapping I drag em
And ain't nobody tagging
Slamming with the eight oh eights smacking
I'm f**king bad slap em
B*t*h my flow is lethal my people evil
Better pay that ransom
I don't wanna talk I don't really wanna say sh*t
Basic really be the way that we make it
Same sh*t think I better try for the playlist
I don't give a f**k what you think
B*t*h say it I'm safe really think I done made it
Got a fanbase and a palce wanna make sh*t
I'ma take what I make elevate it
Really wanna make it to the top they hate this
I am thinkin I'ma stop giving time
To those that take my time for granted
B*t*h I see through the lies
I'm comin up outta the smoke and mirrors
Ain't no smoke in my eyes I know you mothaf**kas
Plotting b*t*h the nuisance be tied

Ding ding pow n***a what the f**k wow
I chop b*t*hes like my name is Chris Brown
Jiminy Cricket my blow shoot right up her a**
I want that boom boom pow
Rubbing my balls no crystal round
Ow ow ow ow ow ow
Let me hit your b*t*h one time n***a
I just wanna f**k
If she really with them thighs
Then you know I wanna bust
Shoot my muf**king slime in her eyes
It makes her nuts
Run that pu**y on my knife
Give you taste of your own blood
Ay oh I'm guapo she want el c*cko oh
Shake shake Morocco
Shake 'til I got to blow
Fold the pu**y taco fold the b*t*h pronto yo
Pa** her to my vato
Pa** her to my vato yo

It's Saber Gang or die, b*t*hes

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