Shimmy! Lyrics


It's Saber Gang or die, b*t*hes
The name game
AV got that drip, hoe
Judy! Judy, Judy
Bo-budy, banana-fanna
Fo-fudy, fee-fi-mo-mudy, Judy!
Ayy, yo, Billie Eilish
Lemme take that a**
To Mardi Gras
You know what I'm saying

Shimmy, shim, shim, shim
Shimmy, shim, b*t*h
I don't like yo' f**king n***a
We can f**k 'cause we just friends
I've been burning all this rubber
Even since we bumped ends
We gon' bump, bump, bump
'Til your belly got a bend
B*t*h a** n***a
Gon' f**k with me, woo
Choppa his head
Milk his b*t*h like moo
Dr-Dr-Dr-Drip so clean
That my d**k drip, too
You can drink drip
When your drip like juice
Big mad, big gat
N***as big sad
You a chit-chat n***a
Yo' b*t*h playin' d**k tag
We just win, win, win
Make her booty wig-wag
Hundreds in this clip
'Cause I be rеally big bad
Bippity, bippity
Pop, pop, pop, wow
Choppa hit so hard
That you see the words, "Pow"
And my d**k so hard
It make a b*t*h say, "Ow"
And my drip's so hard
That it came from thе cloud

Big burr, no Santa
Diamond color is panda
Snort slopes, Montana
F**k in my cabbana
Hannah Ho Montana
B*t*h bad, Atlanta
She want banana wrap, no bandana
I think your autotune is off
Pop like rocks
This stick stay proud
So if you f**k with the mans
Then it's off with the mop
Bo-B-B-Boat these b*t*hes
Wanna see my blick
She go dumb-dumb
Kiss, kiss, drowning my dock
Band on my bands holding it down
Work that pour to the top
Livin' the life, oh sh*t
Vandalize up in her thighs
She call out
All my guys, she live to ride
We ballin', yo' hoe clit
Do the runny
Slow drip, ride, ride
Dash tappin'
Hit her with
Some back care, ya
R-R-R-Routine sloppy heady
Big booty baguettey
Bouncing, bouncing
Hands in the air
Drop that a**
Drop that back
Work it, now bop that a**
Pop it back, break it down
Seen it all, been it all
F**k it, lil' Betty, come f**k
And we take your stress
Right out

Ayy, yo, Billie
Lemme start a motorboat company on that chest

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