She’s Bad (Carmella) Lyrics

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I'm bad

I don't wanna talk if we ain't talking 'bout me
Walk in to the room, all eyes on me
Pretty, take a pic, doin' donuts in the whip
Glamour and glitz, rub the Genie, make a wish
Bad and ruthless, too fresh, bad baddie, up next
I can't tell a lie , you can tell I'm fly
, the way I terrorize
Being bad is the motto, I walk like a model
Talk like a Queen, make you wanna write a novel
So superb, you know that's her
Baddest in the building and that's for sure

I'm bad, B-A-D, bad
All my ladies bad
B-A-D, wanna call me "baby"
Bad, don't make me mad
I boast, I brag, in my bag
Tеll me who's bad
I'm the baddest baddiе, bad, B-A-D
Insane, ask around, they'll say "she's crazy"
, slim waist, pretty face, bad att**ude
Moving how I gotta move, beautiful and powerful

Hold up wait a minute , y'all gon' need a second
All my bad baddies gotta keep 'em on the check-in
Standing at attention , ready for the call
I'm out for the win, baby, I don't take a loss
Got the sauce and the pasta, they hasta la vista
This is mi casa, pleased to meet ya
Let a baddie lead ya, you be there to follow
You ain't gotta tell me 'cause you know that I know

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