Shaft’s Big Score Lyrics

X Clan Lyrics

The name, Professor X, the overseer
Overseeing black watch, the messenger group, the X Clan
The messenger, the bad verbalizer funkin' lesson Brother J
The rhythm provider, Sugar Shaft
And when we're not walking the paths of Marcus Garvey
Or reading the memoirs of Malcom X
We're seeking of Shaft's Big Score
Shaft provide

Best of mine, you'll out water with this
You know a lot of command, and best you know this
My name is Nekka Noose, let all the wicked fall
Let all the wicked be shattered, let all the wicked be splattered
'Cause blackwatch is watching, and in the name of
Jah Rasta Farai, pump!

This is the prophet Rahmel hot on the path of X Clan
There is injustice among us, therefore the fight
For liberty is a must, black power, blackwatch


Yeah, Zeon Leaf from London town, bringin' a message to you
Don't worry, don't be afraid, 'cause the blackwatch
Is watching over you and me, so fight for the right

By the way, Van Goy
This is protected by the red, the black, and the green
With Aki, provide, to the cross road, sissy!

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