Self-Battle Lyrics

?iDubbbz Lyrics

What is the reason for all these pointless feelings
You try to fix life, but nothing is healing
Now left in a pit of despair
Left for dead in a world with no air
Buried alive with all hope to die
Buried alive and no room to cry
I wish that you could see
That the only enemy I have
Is actually the one inside of me
And now that you can understand
Please observe the battle as I take a stand
Against the hate, and against myself
I’m doing this for my own health
So if you don’t comprehend this work of art
Try reading my work over again from the start
As my mind is turning a newer page
I am rebirthing in a newer age
Maturity is finally showing through
This is what I was supposed to do
I am now a guide against the hate and harm
No matter where it is, leg or arm
I am here to help without a question asked
For I have been the one who was masked
Please join me in this new world
As we raise the flag, newly unfurled
This is a fight that we can always win
It isn’t a matter how, it’s a matter of when

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