?see you everyday* Lyrics

?convolk Lyrics

See you every day, yeah
I see you every day, don't know what to say
Yeah, I'm so sad, I'm leaving you to gray
And I'm running-running-run, running away
Yeah, I'm running-running-run, running away
See you every day
Don't know what to say
Words get caught in my throat, like chains
Brand new friends, that could change
But I never think I'm gonna f**king change
I was in the same room as your man
Now I pop a hundred pills every day
And I'm numbing-numbing after the pain
When I pick it up
I don't even feel the same
I gotcha b*t*h
I'ma smoke a dope
Yeah, then I f**king quit
If she wanna f**k
Man, have to f**k with it
If she wanna f**k, man I ain't even feel sh*t-

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