Second Verse (Outro) Lyrics

X-man Lyrics

The Universe ah tell me write a verse I said okay
I Had to make a move I had to do it right away

The Universe ah tell me make away I made a way

Craw: Man we finally finished this joint man. I gotta give a big thanks to Gryfn for dealing with my a** this whole time. For all the people that love and support I gotta thank all yall, for real. Its been like 3, 3 long years tryna make this man. I don't what to do now...Just gotta keep grinding

I say uh
Aye famo that's trapping out the bando
I understand yo handle and why you peddling
You my brethren so I don't know why you settling
And I'm speaking that real probably cuz the clouds is the color of my camos, sh*t loaded with hella amo the army of God ready to reload implode, So deprogram get rid of some of that RAM don't really f**ks with Uncle Sam
But I'm going in til that new comeback again so you can keep that work peddling in cycles, cycles, cycles
Put the pen to the pad sh*t wallah look another verse another hook
Be King like James and yall be pawns and rooks
And sh*t is all cool until you sh*t outta luck
Unchained like Django ride in black Durango licensed plates say angel
Find freedom in love dismissing all the hate folks
And thats just what we made for
Keep your righteous minds for the Joy of the Game yo

Craw: Yo, I don't know what to do now. I guess I'm finna graduate get my*t...might go get an MFA, who knows...who knows where life gon take us.......But aye, you gotta be in the present....Can't think to far into the future, too far into the past...Here and Now

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