Seasons Going By Like The Girls I Used To Care About Lyrics

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I'm so cold
I'm so lost
Grown so old
Now i'm gone
We were younger when i left
But now i'm back and you've moved on

Tell me where i'm going
I've been lost for a minute
I ain't got the time
You just tryna' get my digits
Racing through my brain
Like my mind's in the Olympics
Drinking down the bubbly
Now i'm spinning like a fidget

Seasons going by
Like the girls i f**king cared about
Understanding why
'Cause my life's something i'd do without
You should know I try
But you always fill my mind with doubt
Leaving me alive
But my heart is f**king black by now

My heart is probably gone by now
Buried somewhere in the ground
People change
I stayed the same
Thought I had it figured out
My brain is full of rain and clouds
Everyday i'm filled with doubt
Constant stress
I'll let em down
Take a pill
I'm better now

Take a pill
I'm pa**ing out
Right up on her parents couch
We were at her parents house
But she still topped me with her mouth
We been going through some things
I don't wanna feel this pain
Run away
Forget my name
Run away from everything

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