Seahorse Blues/Happy Place Lyrics

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This couch is like an island in the middle of the sea
It’s not even comfortable and I really need to leave
But somethings wrong with my head and I think it’s preventing me
From ever getting closure or moving on from anything

And this whole place becomes nothing
But a tainted memory
Bury the rest of those with my head in the sand please

So when the waves wash around me
I am stationary
Instead of flailing
My limbs and body

I’ve never been solid
No I've never been anything
Other than misused and thrown away

I’ve never been solid
No I've never been anything
Other than misused and thrown away

You touch me as the light fades
From the room and I pretend I’m sleeping
While I search for the words to try to fix this
But I think we both know those words don't exist

Can't take away your hopelessness
I'm drowning in my own
Can't pretend you're the same person who
Made me feel at home
When every feeling's temporary
I've felt this thing I knew I would
It starts to fade with time
But never goes away for good

It's cool

They set my soul on fire
I let these poems extinguish my inner soul desires
And all the quote unquote rejects, the ones that I admire
So f**k a nightmare, I'll live it
And now this music sh*t like mental calisthenics
And if I say it then i meant it
And when it’s cemented, man good luck
Feel like i’m frantic in the moment, but my conscious know what’s next up
Shout that n***a Owen too
He told me i ain’t going nowhere as long as i’m blue
So i’ll speak it until i know it’s true

No need to fill the silence
When someone knows you way too well
You can feel an existential crisis
On the water slide to Hell

You’re the devil on your own shoulder
Saying you should go get f**ked
Up on anything you find
But anything is not enough

It’s time to think about it, all you’ve never had
Over early morning coffee and burning blunt wraps
As times ticking, you notice things
About yourself that over the last year have changed

All of your friends live in magical far away lands
And you’re stuck in Illinois with a distinct lack of plans
How wonderful and relaxing and other words that i can’t think
Of right now having a happy place must be

"stop pretending to be happy Alex"
The nightly dialogue
Old polaroids that you don’t want
Lit on fire all night long
I feel just as sh*tty as i did back then
And all i can do is wonder when

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