Say hoe ! Lyrics

800goony Lyrics

800 baby, 800 baby
I'm a 800 baby, 800 baby
I'm a 800 baby, 800 baby
Say, ho 
Bome and eat this d**k, come f**k gang, ho 
We lay low, we be steady countin' up the pesos
We play hoes
F**k that b*t*h now, she gon' do what I say so
Bad b*t*h playin' with her pu**y like some Play-Doh
Bustin', bustin', chopper get to bustin', bustin'
I had nothin', nothin', turn nothin' to somethin', somethin'
I'm with slime, n***a, two pistols, we clutchin', clutchin'
We gon' hop out wit' it, we ain't gon' say nothing, nothing
Walk around, smell like sticky pack
Posted with the gang in the hood with that Glick attached
Servin' plenty pack, I told shawty, "Let me get in that"
Let me hit that cat
All these f**k hatin' on me, don't know how to act
Heat 'em up like chicken noodle soup
Got some n***as from the mud and they bangin' big SuWoo
Tote a thing or two, they gon' hop out and gon' shoot at you
Aim that gun at you
And I'm all about that cheese, n***a, like I'm ratatouille

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