Satomi Tadashi Northside Rx (Persona ReMix) Lyrics

???? (Shoji Meguro) Lyrics

Doh, doh doh doh, doh doh doh

Welcome to my pharmacy
Drugs and pills as far as you can see
I enjoy your company
Just make sure you buy something from me

Please don't loiter or lean on the wall
Drinking coffee and having a ball
’Cause you damn kids always spill stuff on the floor
And you don't clean it up and you stupid a** w****
Don't you know that I used to know karate
I’ll punch you in the pee pee
Or I could just call the cops

I really like to look at hot girl
'Specially cuties, boy they rock my world
Dirty man is how I'm known
Yes, I like the school girl uniform

I use the mirror in the corner of store
To see some boobies and even some more
Oh hey, hot booby girl, I dropped something on the floor
Hey could you bend over and pick it up
Don't you know my security camera
Can record it so i can rewind it
And watch it to my heart's content

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