Sandlot Lyrics

350Heem Lyrics

My neck and wrist both smothered in gold
And it feel like I gained a few pounds 'cause this sh*t weigh a load
See that Wraith like driving a boat
Put that mother f**ker on the interstate, and watch how it float
My n***a Spitta yea he taught me the most
Out in ATL Mean Streets Studios cooking up dope
I play the sweats with the Louis V coat
And like a mob boss unto our accomplishments we toast
I'm hella fed up with fools who breakin' the code
Had to go and bless my neck with a lil' rose gold
And homie mad 'cause his b*t*h watch all my videos
Tuned in like ya boy her favorite episode
I don't hustle for these hoes, never did never will
Was motivated when I seen Boosie crib
Knowing that I could get it, so that's what I did
Hitting b*t*hes out the park on some homerun sh*t

Yea n***a this the sandlot
Knocking b*t*hes out the park back to they mans spot

Don C slash Mitchell & Ness collab shorts at my gym cla** ball out
All net or I might kiss it off the gla**
Wrong sport my bad, we on a baseball diamond
This is high priced rhyming
I spell my gang name with diamonds
Slid up with my young homie behind me in his own Maserati
No b*t*h I didn't buy it
He put his hustle down, he went out there and got it
He was the lil dawg now he like my grown patna
I'm proud of my young playa, I sit back and watch him
I told him that these hoes they for everybody
They not your property
Did she f**k your homie? yea probably
But that's not important, focus on building your monopoly
Them b*t*hes gon' be where them dollars be, follow me
And I could show you some of that killa that my homegirl been growing
Act like you been knowing

Yea n***a this the sandlot
Knocking b*t*hes out the park back to they mans spot

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