Sail Ho! Lyrics

Alma & Lua Lyrics

I realised that the world is so rottenAnd my valuesare fading in vainSometimes I feel drowned in a vale of woeJesus, I've been weak, andBy trying to find myselfI fell down in a deep and dark place inside me

Jesus, you can give me all the strengthBeyond my reach and you can bless my soulMy steps toward the future'nd take me in your armsI beg you, bless me

Put your eyes in front of my boatAnd take it by your handsDon't let, Lord, my soul to die awayDon't let through out my blindnessPut your seed in the deep of my heartAnd let to grow up in your grace and make me your

Jesus, you can make my life to have some senseJesus, you can rule out'nd out my tirednessAnd bless all my foes's heartChildren and countriesAnd bless me, oh, please

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