Said And Done Lyrics


Well here we are again, right where we ended long ago
You didn't learn, and I didn't listen to my friends
Where do we go from here?
Tried to walk away, look at us now
We're back in each other's way

You just keep wearing me out , but I'm wearing you down
You still keep wearing me out. but I'm wearing you down

Should be over this by now. fill me up to beat me down
I ain't crawling back to you. crawling back to you
When all all is done and said, there's a part of me that's dead
Nearly giving up on you. giving up on you

I know how this will end, love loss and regrets
You leave upset, I end up losing my best friend
Sounds too good to be true, one more minute hard on the line
One more time, you're not willing to work this through

And now it's said and done
I'll be moving right along
And I'm giving up on you

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