Sai / ??? Lyrics

249TooDope Lyrics

I Don't think you can hear sh*t from my other
...f**king voice note
But anyway Wallahi Al'azeem
This track is gonna put Sudan on the motherf**king map
I f**king love you so f**king much for this track
I sent it to everybody!
I sent it to my mom, my dad, my sister
I'm like jamming to this sh*t
Mabsoota min ahlak yakh

And I ain't even try
Made a f**king hit
I was just playing sai
Man I'm getting green
U can call me Popeye
But they will always hate
Tell a hater bye bye
Tell a hater bye bye

I'm the shifit from the 249
And you know that ain't a lie
I'm with the realest n***as
And we always stay high
I said who's tryna get it
And your girl said I

Netflix & no chill ?
She said ayyyiii
Go back to my crib ?
She said arrrrea7
So I dont understand
Why u gotta hate bruh

Do I really gotta do it Tany
Drop some Aghani
That let you know that I'm Sudani
But I could win a Grammy
Cuz even when they
Don't understand me
They still jam me
So what I don't understand is
Is how you not a fan B

Prolly cuz you bitter
And you see me doing better
And you know I won't stop
Till I headline Coachella
No I won't stop
Till I make numbers like Thriller
No I won't stop
Till I shake the city

Than most of these sloppy a** suckers
U know them snoby a** muthaf**kas
They got too salty looking at the number
Throwing their shade
Cuz I'm heating the summer
They tried to say I copied coca b***er
But Give me a Chance
& You'll see I'm way more than a Rapper
And really your opinion Don't matter
Still killing'em & I stay looking dapper
I really ain't got no time for no chatter

Triple negative
The beat sedative
The flow heaven sent
The ways hella bent
But still
I'm running after matter
Ya zoal hoy Mali o Malak
Got family to look after
Don't got no time for drama
Say hello to your mama lol

Don't f**k with me

A'amal Hissabak
A'amal Hissabak

Don't you bring your girl around here
Cuz I will kidnap her

Real talk my G, #YoungJustus

T double O Dope

And I ain't even try
I was just playing sai wallahi

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