S.W.M.N.D. Lyrics

96ix Lyrics

Yeah, gotta be back with some real talk
Bein’ real that’s how I been taught, you know
It’s 96ix yo
Yo, yo, look, look

Somebody wrote my name down
Look at me, I fade away now
I can‘t believe, we ain‘t free
Let the leaves fallin‘ deep
Cause I ain‘t workin‘ like that no more
Been on some better than I‘ve been before
They told me life is such a hoe
But guess what happens when you know

Yeah, I wish that I could take it back
I wanna know all of the secrets that we had
We might gettin‘ sad, others already mad
Cause good doesn‘t always win because the money is bad
The more you get, the more you break
Just be awake
The more you spend, the more you‘re in
There‘s no escape
I better tell you now so you‘ll never be late
But I‘m like "Somehow these f**kers only go straight"
Well it‘s not bad if you chose your own way to grow
Your own style to flow
Don‘t run miles for hoes, let them run for yours
Like shot gun you know,  I be the driver of course
Cause I‘m deciding what goes
I like controlling my role
I don‘t want anybody tellin‘ I could prolly do more
Cause I knew that for sure
I‘m just ahead of yours
'Fore I get bad you know that‘s all I‘m having tho
Feels like in heaven
Yo I‘m at the part that‘s most wack
My heart’s under attack
In parts I felt pressure ain‘t no Ws instead
More like a double loose 
But here‘s difference
I made everybody wanna choose me
Cause I been through it and you knew it
And you stupid if you‘ll ever think I will fail
You should go to jail, not dawgs that inhale
F**ked up forreal
Your boss gets paid, yo b*t*h got laid
B*t*h got paid for some really cool things he made
Is that okay? Cause that‘s the thing I call a fail
And that‘s the thing that happens when you follow paper trails
I‘m more a paper hater, money waver
Hip-Hop or a skater?
That‘s the question they been asking just to be another hater
But they never knew me
They been asking wrong question
Y’all never knew me
Yeah they never knew me
The sh*t I do is for a reason
It‘s 96ix season
People not believin‘ in what I‘m still dreamin‘ about
I‘m sure that we could make it out
F**k money, I‘m out, yeah
Somebody wrote my name down

Can‘t believe that they really wrote my name down

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