Rules To Join Lyrics


I'am traveling through this world
Can't see too much, but I see alot
Thugged out P*ssed off mixtape, it's your boy Lil B
I travel through these based thoughts, and I put you on game you know what im sayin, everything from the heart

We see different troops under the sun
Another man another sun
Different moves different sons
Same family, different blood
Common goals respecting love
Did wrong but we made it up
Ready to die for the cause, and give it up
Can't be on my team you ain't strong enough
My duty as a man to make choices that put me in places, rolls royces, metaphor to my choices
Don't need that but see that
Only one reason to believe that
Cheatin' code to life, you see that
Lot of people born in the hood easily distracted
Eatin' with a circus
How am I supposed to react
I gotta do jury duty
Am i am the only one black
Want justice, need more of that
Whats wrong with the mind that don't think for itself

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