Rukus Lyrics

$UICIDEBOY$ & Germ Lyrics

I'm pulling up wit' the ratchet, boy, aye
Put them bullets through your jacket, boy, aye
Mister never-snitchin', don't bother asking, boy, aye
Bad Sh*t with Lil Germ, we pullin' cappers, boy, aye
Dirty kitchen whippin', trap house my fall back position
Only visit when I'm fiendin' or itching
They call me "Mister fix-it"
My ambitions as a rider, it's the Cracker Pac
Serving rocks out my sock, gotta keep the block hot

Aye, aye

Mutt the f**kin' nut, breathin' marijuana
Katana swingin', splittin' hunnid dollar cuts
I got a f**kin' razor, rusty blade-ah
Stuffin' guts and f**king b*t*hes up
And now my blunt about to bust
I got a bunch of craters in my f**king brain
When I arrive, I'm leaving plenty stains behind
I'll see you later, gorilla mask
I'll cross the line, banana clips
I'll rip out your spine, after I f**k an alligator

I don't like the look that's on your face when I walk in the place
I'm with these savages
Shoot you in your face
F**kin' round
Lit my cig with a pad and pen
Better bet I'm ballin'
Roster full of scholars
N***a, don't play no games
N***a run up on you c*cked
Aim for that brain
Secure the bag b*t*h I need all change
Yung n***a faded
Please stay out my lane
Blue hundon
Bet your b*t*h know my name
Providin' way for the sheep
Thumper tucked by my sack while I sleep
Give no f**ks
Couple hoes in my Bronco truck
Beer Can Dan don't need no luck

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