Royale With Cheese Lyrics

Quasimoto Lyrics

We never putting U before the O, now this ain't liquor
Hit the lick on pu**y n***as, make it double, never had to pull the trigger
Got some n***as that’ll do it for me -- Knock ya face off!
Got a 45 like I finished playing baseball
Ha, and they fingers itching like my palms is
Ya mama reading psalms cause you f**king with the wrong kids
I'm higher than choirs is on the regular, function
B*t*h I'll light you up on some scary sh*t, pumpkin
Jack-O Lantern, shake it faster
Red nose for a n***a, no Prancer, Dancer
Donnor, Dixon, Comet, Cupid
Ojos red like what Rudolph, snoots with
Read my two lips
I don’t give, two sh*ts
Coming for the crown like I'm toothless, I'm ruthless
You getting on my nerves like I ain't rootless
Bet I give her wood and I ain't talking bout a toothpick
Pulling out the 22, then I'm saying dueces
All up in her mouth my n***a call it mono-nucli-
Osis, I'm gross with the spokens
Pulling on that purple, guarantee its potent
Watch when we approach you, then we get to poaching
Do it for the team, you would've thought that I was coaching, OH SH*T
God damn…. I’m laying, slaying em, constantly loving em

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