Royal Vendetta Lyrics

Queen Kurtis Lyrics

Yes, I'm the Queen in charge
Don't want a small meal, I demand large
When the boys all come in to my yard
Those motherf**kers I am gonna charge
My milkshake's not free
Name don't start with a C
Came to start some beef
I came to defeat
It's twenty-five dollars for a f**king mixtape
And don't forget your boyfriend know just how my d**k taste
Don't try to roast me, I am much funnier
I'm Michelle Obama, b*t*h you are Melania
Australia Day's on the twenty-fifth
How many views did I get, four hundred ninety-six?
Thousand, okay, now they know my name
How's it feel to be a pawn in Queeny's game?
All these boys so p*ssed off by me
Look at my wrist, look it's so shiny
You wanna kill me? Come and find me
You wanna squeeze me? You're too slimy
Sly me, try me, cry me a river
Haters all worried that I won't deliver
I'm not scared, no I won't quiver
Just promise you won't rape your sister

Check out my ratings, check out my stats
So entertaining, give me your cash
I am raining over all of you trash
I'm amazing, I am the perfect catch
Don't try this at home, you'll get bashed
Everyone will think that you were being serious
What they saying now, that I'm being too cra**?
Cash me outside, how 'bout 'dat?
Cash me outside b*t*h, how 'bout 'dat?
You ain't got no t**ties and your f**king a** flat
There ain't no forgiving what I said on Snapchat
So I'll say it again, b*t*h you need to step back
Step back off a bridge, get your face out the fridge
All you dumb little kids, let me grab you some bibs
Ain't enough adjectives to describe what you did
More talent in my motherf**king pinky fingers
Over on the Twitter, we got Mrs Sincerity
Ugly, fat b*t*h thinking he can f**k celebrities
Troye Sivan wouldn't touch you with a f**king stick
Get a life b*t*h, no one wants to see your d**k
Coming for my looks, you look like an ogre
A five SOS fan account, give up, it's over
Thinking you're slick, I heard from your ex
You got a small d**k, you're sh*t at the sex

Hey, how's Mackay doing? I heard it's a sh*t place
Shoving that pu**y right in her ugly face
Remember when we used to be best friends?
How I never used to tell you 'bout your split ends?
How you made me feel like sh*t, you're a c**t, send
Hold on to your wigs, I will not end
Can't give you my talent, but I can lend
Seven whole days, yes I did trend
Can't go on Grindr no more, too many w****s
It's a RuPaul's Drag Race, knocking down my doors
Everybody wants a piece of me, I'm Britney
If you seek Amy, oh yes they all plead
Flirtin' with the boys to sell my CD's
When you look down at your test, you see D's
When you look down at my feet, you see these
B*t*h, you know the only shoes I wear are Yeezy's

Oh, you can call me an attention seeker
But you're staying wide with a ten chin feature
As long as you're a five, I'm a tennis teacher
Never felt love, they never try to reach her
On my Tom Cruise, my mission is possible
I never lose, yes I am unstoppable
Thought you knew by now, I'm ever present
I'm the Queen, b*t*h, you the

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