Royal Pain 2 Lyrics


I say master Cxrpses
Master BruhMane
We got our Bazookas
We gonna blow them up
Like it was the boston tea party
And we got yo b*t*h
Queen Ho
Yuh Ohhh

Xanakin Skywok, what were you saying again?
Stupid a** b*t*h imma get a n***a neutered
F**king on a British b*t*h think she was a tutor
Scamming on an ugly a** b*t*h named Schumer
Now I sell crack to the local school shooter
B*t*h I swipe cards Dora yelling no swiping
Boot her a** up got the dirty b*t*h whining
Pop a few Percs bust a pu**y while I'm rhyming
Me an my brothas straight shootas time crisis
B*t*h pay homage to my d**k she flossing
With my kids likе a lozenge they sit on thе tonsils
You a jit f**k a scholarship
N***a come and sponsor this
N***a got the hollow tips
Busting at your dog and friends

Hi, b*t*h
My d**k out swangin'
Knockin' sh*t over wit my d**k in the basement
I pull cards
Y'all don't got no invitation
Y'all can pay with a taste of ya a***
Y'all care that I like b*t*hes with d**ks
But y'all b*t*hes with d**ks, so it really ain't sh*t
I'm on Skid Row
Feeding the impoverished
Steppin' in some Moccasins
Made of skin
Jizz fit

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, n***a

I got a Modela
Drinking 'til my liver turn yellow
My brain cells melt, and my liver say hello
Stomp a f**kin' body 'til it echo
Clean a f**king n***a off the mello
You're-getting-hit, you're-getting-f**ked
You're-just-sh*t, out-of-luck
F**k-my-house, mess-with-us

Hey, bruv, it's CXRPSE here, and I just want to say
The Queen is the almighty power of Britain
All these f**k a** rappers aren't sh*t
And that uh, your chains are fake, and your VV is fake
Britain is the best country in the world bruv
So f**k you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
Just in the nick of time!
Hold up, hold up
I think my voice is changing
What the f**k , okay
I'ma just go with it

B*t*h-B*t*h-B*t*h, b*t*h throw a**
Like her name Shrek
Yellow tooth b*t*h
Suck me-suck me in a dress
Cracker and some crack
N***as wearing chests
Ice on deck
Ice on that
B*t*h, Boston Tea Party
T**ties on deck
B*t*h, Boston Tea Party
Suck me during chess
Who the f**k n***a, got 'em shot up like a pest
Yes, oh, yes
Pirates with the tec

Spider Gang
Aha! Now we're moving!

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