Round em up (Remix) Lyrics

808 Mafia Lyrics

My gat is blastin
My boys send you across the land I swear it ain't no actin
You know yung jake he be trappin
He get the work and get it gone it looking like magic
I know some people they savages
My cousin Chris he lite you up its more than some rappin sh*t
YTN we be cappin b*t*h
Mansfield down to the cap b*t*h
Lil hoe. Lil hoe, lil b*t*h
I got a 30 shot extension hangin out the clip
I'm gettin to the bands , I feel like money Mitch
Lean me over, watch me drip
Steady rollin up a L but I hand em out
Newest Js Tom Ford that's my hand me downs
Seen a opp trying to lurk drizzle hand me rounds
Po me up pink sprite, drop me in some candy now
Them bars they goin down, x-a-n-a-x , I ain't trying to f**k your b*t*h I just wanna get the neck
I ain't even gotta speak and I know your hoe she get wet
Honkey don't play with money anybody can be dead
Look around to my right left , all I can see is my red
I'm slidin on the f**kin opps tryna stay away from feds
Caught a few of my woadies and they sent em up the road
Catch a opp it's on sight I just round em up and go

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