Roley Presi Lyrics

2FeetBino Lyrics

This Rollie Presi

This Rollie Presi, my b*t*h is sexy, and your b*t*h messy
They want me dead, gotta go forward
'Cause I was broke, now I'm on tour
I'm with the gang, Jamaican b*t*h
Knew you was fake, I hate that sh*t
I had to grind and go for mine
Rollie Presi, perfect time
I'm with Fatsane, my bro for life
I had a dream that we gon' shine
My mama cried, I fixed her tears, ain't seen her this happy in years
I hug my daughter when I'm leavin', n***as switch up like the seasons
Cut your throat, you play with 2Feet, I believe this ain't a demon
Rollie tickin', what this cost me?
F**k police, I shake 'em off me
I ain't tryna ride your wave, I can swim better than a dolphin
B*t*h I'm poppin', they copy me
We be mobbin' in Robin jeans
On my way, ain't no stoppin' me
We pull up, we demolished it

I had a dream of bein' a boss
Until my best friend got knocked off
Keep fifty racks tucked in the vault
Damn, I can't take another loss
Remember them days we ain't have a dime
N***a sat back patiently, waitin' time
I told my brother, "Keep your head up
'Cause I know at times you get fed up"
They say you get rich with your soul
Hell nah n***a, I ain't sellin' my soul
All I want is a big bankroll
And a house on the hills with a whole lot of hoes
Where I come from, n***a known kick the doors
A young n***a standin' up on the light pole
Glock walk, we ain't have no role models
Come through, n***a gon' rob you
Young n***as, 13, havin' problems
Goin' through it, n***a, with they mama
I told my mama I'ma make a way
So I can put her in a better place
Free Mario, he caught a case
After that Duke life got took away
Tombo, n***a, he in a better place
Had a cold heart, n***a, ain't sh*t to say

I seen your message, ain't get to text it, 'cause that sh*t messy
Catchin' blessings, collectin' extras, they want me dead
My n***as dead, can't get 'em back, so I bought this Presi
Canary diamonds, make sure they shinin', yeah

Man, f**k goin' on with a shell?
Know what I'm sayin'
Really them havin' them big Rollies, fifty pointers and sh*t
Grinnin' know what I'm sayin'
RIP to all my n***as dead and gone, know what I'm sayin'
All my real n***as, know what I'm sayin'
Kickin' it one, two
Ayy, man, this young n***a sh*t
F**k a b*t*h, get rich, n***a, or die tryin'
In my 50 Cent voice, b*t*h
You dig?

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