Rock Paper Scissors Lyrics

78 Row, PRIDE Dee Lyrics

What'd they say about sticks and stones?
I might have to come and pick some bones
Cause i'm dealing with delivery that's killing me
Diction that makes me wanna make your script my own
Mad revisions, gotta tear up pages
Beats and ba**? i've got sheets and blades
I'm banging stones for flames and that's all it takes
You know what? rock paper scissors and i make cold cuts
I'm hitting you like a surgeon in winter
A physician making incisions when you listen to this
And when i'm spitting i split your limbic system
Kicking it to the rhythm of blades and paper
I could rip it for days
I gotta drop possibly unstoppable rockets
I'm racking profits from rapping off of the oddest of topics
And if you think that i'll stop this you've got another thing coming
I'm drumming rocks and i'm pumping pulp and i'm running with scissors
I'm on top

You were milled up young, never had a branch
Your woods got stomped by the avalanche
And from the rubble i rose, i'm slate and granite
Rock a fine flow, don't take for granted my prose
Never wrote bad quotes on my notepad
Folks gotta know that, yo, never hold back
Won't shine if it isn't real gold
I don't bend and i don't fold
You've got racks but i've got rolls
You chase those stacks, i break the mold
Count your benjis, i can't stand it
Lots to lend, i got a blank canvas
Twin leaves of steel we ignite
Cut a rug beneath the bright lights
Just hack it, dice it, that's my advice
Now wrap it up, it's been a slice

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