Response to Action’s Freestyle Lyrics

2smokeyy Lyrics

Purgers, purgers, purgers, purgers
Now I know why them man upset
The pressure got too intense
So, they can't post up on their ends
Rest up Culprit, deny your friends
Stupid gems
Corn for his back and corn for his chest
When Action got kwenged
So you got money and you got bread, but
Where's your skengs?
Them man can't talk bout no new drills
Playing hide and seek with paigon men
What happened? What happened when gang pulled up?
And you left your friend
A**isted dem mandem drills your bro, tryna pavе your friend
Twenty man doing up running man
Wherе's the wap? Where's the wap?
Aye Blitz, go down them stairs
Had to send you out when they all done dash, neeooom
Oh golly
Done a drill then they turned ghost
Got dropped in the back, they're due to turn smokey
Aye, it was your bro turned pack
I'm lighting him up in a Congo pack
Unknown try scream out "Cres'", then he turned heart attack
We're tired of Cres' and man
Scored bare goals, and they ain't scored back
In the Water serving Cadaan
Where they hiding? Where they hiding, fam?
C2, what's the crud on tracks?
You got wrapped up by a bisshead
Bare kip cap, 'fore I ring that cat
Aye bro, let me give it to Lankz
He's a driller on tracks
Same way C2 raps that badness
Name me a works that one of you mashed, I'll wait
Pu**y, your gonna hear silence
They ain't on nuttin', go do some riding
Last drill in the 5 was me
The dot-dot bells and a big man flying
Action man, without the action
You were in court, testifying
None of my G's are disabled
But you want fans, so keep on lying
Broad day bootings and late night splashings
Us, we can talk about Camden's violence
And H left Flipz in the shop
I tried to bang blam my st**ches in
Your main man, Flipz try back his shank
Just to lock his b*t*h a** in
N***as know he's really got the borough in a headlock
A's up or get shaved and bli-

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