Resistance Lyrics

???? (Mika Nakashima) Lyrics

Such resistance within my existence
People up in arms from the city to the farms
Does it mean anything?
When now we can't say what we think
It isn't even remotely possible
Get taken out because I'm an obstacle
But I'm a necessity like a hospital
They're never to douse my flames
Because it only adds to the pain
Talking about a security risk yet
Casey can drink after smothering her kid
And I'm just supposed to shut my lid and lock my lips?
Locking up drug users
And set free child abusers?
What's this we live in?
When any unforgivable action is forgiven
By those in big homes dressed in linen
When a garbage bags enough for my sh*t to fit in?
Now where do I get in?
Seems I'm not the one confused because we all got the right to choose
I want to become a hero to the people
Allow them to step within my steeple
Maybe change some minds for the better
By speaking out my mind instead of writing on a letter
Words can speak louder than any action combined
As long as you have a relatively decent piece of mind

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