Reservoir Dogs – I Don’t Tip Because Society Says I Have To Lyrics

Quentin Tarantino Lyrics

Uh uh, I don't tip...No, I don't believe in it...Don't give me that, if she don't make enough money, she can quit....I don't tip because society says I have to. All right, I mean I'll tip if somebody really deserves a tip, if they really put forth the effort, I'll give them something extra, but I mean this tipping automatically, uh, it's for the birds. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, they're just doing their job...She was okay. She wasn't anything special...Look, I ordered coffee, right? Now we've been here a long f**kin' time and she's only filled my cup three times. I mean, when I order coffee, I want it filled six times...The words 'too f**king busy' shouldn't be in a waitress' vocabulary...

Jesus Christ, I mean, these ladies aren't starvin' to death. They make minimum wage. You know, I used to work minimum wage and when I did, I wasn't lucky enough to have a job that society deemed tip-worthy... You know what this is? It's the world's smallest violin playing just for the waitresses...So's workin' at McDonald's, but you don't feel the need to tip them, do ya? Well, why not? They're serving you food. But no, society says - don't tip these guys over here, but tip these guys over here. That's bullsh*t...

F**k all that...I mean, I'm very sorry the government taxes their tips. That's f**ked up. That ain't my fault. I mean, it would appear that waitresses are one of the many groups the government f--ks in the a** on a regular basis. I mean, if you show me a piece of paper that says the government shouldn't do that, I'll sign it. Put it to a vote, I'll vote for it, but what I won't do is play ball. And this non-college bullsh*t you're givin' me, I got two words for that: learn to f**kin' type, 'cause if you're expectin' me to help out with the rent, you're in for a big f**kin' surprise.

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