Red Meets Red Lyrics


F**k it! Let's do it!
Ey, Oh, Ey Sabergang!

Murder gang n***a with that murder gang stick
Got that hollow t clip up with a halloween b*t*h
Make her booty turn red cuz I'm f**king where she sh*t
Got my d**k lookin' dark since she givin' it a kiss
N***as sending me that trash, I'ma leave it in the trash
Either pay me for the feat, or yo b*t*h pay with her a**
Do I look like I got cla**? I'm not Gatsby, what the f**k?
I like cougars with the bag, so I can leave mine in they trunk

I'm like Jason in the slums off a xan, I'm getting slumped
Chop a n***a like a bun, smoke his head up like the runtz
Yo man say he got a gun, let him know I got like tons
For the funds I'ma get it right, get a pu**y jumped
If he run get him spill killed, do it for the thrill
Kill Bill by b*t*h filled with my nut like a meal
I been really making deals while you stuck up in yo feels
So how you really feel when I get that record deal?

Like the noose, I'ma stay up. Got my pubes on her makeup
Pu**y juice when she laid up on my gucci, let her take-up
Every single little breath. F**k up on yo ex
Hollow t's smokin' like collard greens, yes
Gun up on your dealer with the most skrilla
I'ma get that gas, turn him to a squealer
Hit him with the heater. Ooo I'ma win
Ooo I'ma let the choppa do a f**kin' sin. Oo oo!

Ey yo! Shout out Tonic!
We killed this b*t*h
Ey Skywok! B*t*h!
Ooo gang, gang!

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