?reasons 2 live Lyrics

?illuminati hotties Lyrics

Thank blob I got a job that keeps me busy doing stuff I love
Oh my, I wanna die sometimes and I remember the people who keep me alive

Mm-hm-mm, Mm-hm-mm
Ashleigh taught me how to love my grown-up body
And Joey cares more than any other human being
Chuckie knows exactly what to say
And Katterson makes the most beautiful paintings
Mm-hm-mm, Mm-hm-mm
Mm-hm-mm, Mm-hm-mm

Good grief, I brush my teeth
It's the one thing I can't skip no matter where I sleep
Chill out, I'm on your couch
Come closer, maybe we could snuggle it out
Mm-hm-mm, Mm-hm-mm

Dean's got dance moves like nobody's business
And Liam stays up late, we have so much to talk about
Emily can sing just like a princess
And Mikey C. is so good and so sweet to me
Mm-hm-mm, Mm-hm-mm
Mm-hm-mm, Mm-hm-mm

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